Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Shower Toilet Installation Instructions

The brand new and highly innovative shower toilet from GROHE Sensia Area 39354SH1, was created to take full advantage of personal comfort and hygiene through delicate and smart cleansing. Rooted in and derived from Japanese cleansing rituals, the cult to use water instead of paper continues to gain worldwide popularity. The new GROHE Sensia Arena Shower Toilet is a prime example of how modern technology can improve our lives by combining the latest innovations, long-standing expertise and contemporary styling.

The most striking aspect of the Grohe Sensia Arena 39354SH1 is the modern and elegant design created by the GROHE in-house Design Studio. The shower toilet has already garnered numerous coveted accolades, including the iF Design Award, the Interior Innovation Award, the Plus X Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Green Good Design Award. That makes Sensia Arena the most award-winning product of GROHE with a total of fourteen awards.

In this post, we show you how to install the Grohe Sensia Arena 39354SH1 shower toilet in your bathroom.

Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Shower Toilet Installation Instructions

Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Shower Toilet Installation InstructionsThe delivery scope includes the toilet, the toilet seat, a remote control, mounting and connector kits, noise insulation set, fittings and a light bulb.

Necessary Tools for the Installation

Spanner (19 mm)
Monkey Wrench
Crosshead Screwdriver
Flat-blade Screwdriver
Flat-blade Precision Screwdriver (2.5 mm)
Crosshead Precision Screwdriver (No. 0)
Ratchet (19 mm)
Pipe Cutter
Utility knife

Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Power Supply

• Use an AC 220 – 240 V power supply with a consumption rating of 850 W. Max. 1300 W.
• The length of the power cord is 1.0 m. The power cord must be connected to the 3+PE (Pre-earth) plug and far away from the water area.
• Electrical installation work must only be performed by a qualified electrician. This work must be carried out in accordance with the regulations according to IEC 60364-7-701 (corresponding to VDE 0100 Part 701) as well as all national and local regulations.
• The device must be connected to properly grounded outlet.

Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Water Supply

• Only use potable water as the water supply. Using a different water supply (industrial water, well water, etc.) may cause the durability of the electrical and mechanical components to deteriorate, resulting in an accident or malfunction.
• Please firmly fix the water supply pipe.
• In regions where the carbonate hardness exceeds 18° dH (KH), a water filtration system with water softener must be used. You can inquire about your carbonate hardness with your local utilities provider.
• In order to ensure a long service life, please perform the descaling every 3 years. (see technical product information 46978001)

Water Pressure
The minimum water pressure must be 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar) [flow pressure]. The maximum water pressure is 1.0 MPa (10.0 bar) [hydrostatic pressure]. Please observe this pressure range in your installation.

Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Installation Preparations

  1. Turn off the power breaker.
  2. For the GROHE water supply tank
    Remove the pipe cover.
    For other water supply tanks
    Cut out the wall.
  3. Adjust the length of the bolts protruding from the wall.
  4. Pull the power cord out from the wall.
  5. Thread the power cord into the power socket parts, and connect the wires.
    • Make sure to attach the wires into the corresponding inlets.
  6. Fasten the parts of the power sockets together.
    • Tighten the pieces securely.
  7. Remove the inspection chamber cover

Step 1. Preparing the Water Supply Hose

  1. Detach the cap and two components from the water supply hose.
  2. Thread the water supply hose up to the water shutoff valve.

Step 2. Attaching the Corporation Cock

  1. Close the water shutoff valve, and detach the water supply hose.
  2. Attach the corporation cock to the water supply hose on the filling valve side, and attach the other end of the corporation cock to the water shutoff valve.
  3. Reattach the two components of the water supply hose, then attach the water supply hose to the bottom
    of the corporation cock.
  4. Place a water receptacle beneath the water supply hose.
  5. Open the water shutoff valve, and rinse out any trash within the water supply hose.
  6. Check for water leaks around the water shutoff valve areas.
    • If there is a leak, tighten the leaking area securely.
  7. Close the water shutoff valve.

Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Shower Toilet InstallationStep 3. Installing the Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Ceramic Bowl

  1. Remove the packaging on the ceramic bowl.
    Note: Keep the packaging until installation is finished.
  2. Prepare and cut the water supply pipe and drain pipe (supplied with the tank) to the necessary length.
  3. Attach the protection sheet to the wall.
  4. Insert the water supply pipe and drain pipe.
  5. Place the ceramic bowl to approximately 100 mm from the wall. Then pull the power cord and the water supply hose into the ceramic bowl.
  6. Secure the ceramic bowl onto the wall.
    Note: Secure the ceramic bowl together with the hexagonal nuts supplied with the tank.
  7. Check whether the ceramic bowl is horizontally flat.
    Note: If necessary, adjust the flatness of the bowl by loosening the hexagonal nuts in step.
  8. Remove the packaging under the ceramic bowl.
  9. Cut the protection sheet sticking out around the ceramic bowl.
  10. Seal the edges where the protection sheet, toilet, and wall meet.

Step 4. Installing the Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena E-bidet (Seat Unit)

  1. Thread the power cord and water supply hose.
  2. Connect the power cord.
  3. For the Standard (39354SH1) model
    Connect the water supply hose, and secure it with the clip. Check if the water supply hose is properly
    secured with the clip.
    Note: If the clip has not attached properly, remove it and attach it again. To open the clip, insert a flat-blade
    screwdriver and then press it downward and push it.
    For the Display (18801SH1) model
    Attach the strainer.
  4. For the Standard (39354SH1) model
    Twist the lever of the water supply hose vertically.
    For the Display (18801SH1) model
    Thread the tube and place the E-bidet (seat unit) on top of the ceramic bowl.
  5. Slightly tilt the back of the E-bidet (seat unit) and insert it into the ceramic bowl.
    • Do not let the power cord hang into the ceramic bowl when installing the E-bidet (seat unit).
    • Make sure that the hooks under the E-bidet (seat unit) are secured into the mounting base of the ceramic bowl.
    • When the E-bidet (seat unit) is locked, you will hear a “click” sound.
    • You can detach the E-bidet (seat unit) by following the steps below.
    1. Remove the side lid of the E-bidet (seat unit).
    2. Press the lever. Use a screwdriver if you cannot reach it by hand.
    3. Pull the E-bidet (seat unit) out upward while pressing the back part.
  6. Store the power cord in the groove on the underside of the bowl.
  7. Open the water shutoff valve.
  8. For GROHE tank, adjust the amount of flushing water. Then reattach the actuation plate.
  9. Turn on the power breaker.

Step 5. Installing the Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Remote Control

  1. Remove the remote control from the holder.
  2. Insert the batteries.
    • Vertical lines may appear on the screen when the batteries are removed. This is not a malfunction.
    These vertical lines will disappear when batteries are inserted into the remote control.
  3. Insert the small nut into the groove on the back of the remote control.
  4. Decide the installation position of the remote control.
    Note: Leave a space above the remote control’s mounting
  5. Mount the remote control holder onto the wall.
    A: For plasterboard or plywood that is thinner than 5 mm
    B: For concrete
  6. Attach the remote control in the holder.
  7. Secure the remote control to the holder with the small washer and screw

Step 6. Testing

  1. Cover the seat sensor with a piece of rag or paper and place the spray hood under the toilet seat.
  2. Switch the POWER of the E-bidet (seat unit) to on (|).
    Then press the SETTING button ( ) of the remote control to register it to the E-bidet (seat unit).
  3. Confirm that water sprays for rear and front washing.
  4. Remove the spray hood.
  5. Confirm warm air. Attach the banderole to the seat lid.

Click here to watch the GROHE Sensia Arena Installation Video on YouTube.

Enjoy the Benefits of the Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena Shower Toilet

The true benefit of the shower toilet is revealed when being used. Once you have tried it, you will not want to miss it again. Fresh water for gentle skin cleansing and warm air for careful drying will leave the user feeling clean and refreshed every time. Extensive personalization options allow the user to specify the water pressure, the position of the shower arm and the preferred water temperature, as well as the spray pattern and the cleansing method. The individual options can be tweaked intuitively by using either the handy remote control or the panel mounted privately of the seat. Furthermore, an software can be downloaded to permit users to store all favorite options on the digital device.

Shower Functions

  • two separate extendable spray arms: 1 for anal area, 1 for lady shower (SkinClean)
  • with aerated shower spray (soft spray)
  • oscillating shower spray – automatic forward and backward movement of the shower arm
  • pulsating massage shower spray
  • strength of shower spray is adjustable in 6 steps (SkinClean)
  • integrated instant heater provides unlimited warm water
  • water temperature of shower spray is adjustable in 6 steps
  • water temperature range: 32-40°C
  • warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • air dryer temperature range: 40-55°C



  • automatic cleaning of the spray nozzle before and after each use
  • shower nozzles can be easily removed for cleaning
  • shower nozzle can be easily exchanged
  • especially easy to clean due to the dirt-repellent surface (Aqua Ceramics)
  • antibacterial surface, which reduces the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9% (HyperClean)
  • Ion technology that kills 99% of bacteria and germs and eliminates unpleasant odours (Plasmacluster)
  • rimless, therefore no hidden areas for deposits & contamination (Rimless)
  • innovative water flow for perfect flushing results (GROHE PowerFlush Triple Vortex)
  • flush water consumption: 3 litres with the small button, 5 litres with the large button
  • easy descale thanks to the special surface of the instantaneous water heater


Seat & Lid

  • toilet lid can be opened and closed with the remote control or automatically via a sensor – for hygienic operation
  • lowering system to prevent loud slamming (soft close)
  • toilet seat can be easily removed by hand for cleaning


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