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GROHE Sensia Arena: A smart shower toilet for personalized comfort

Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena shower toilet moodAs technology goes on to progress the toilet experience, the toilet is another logical step to reap the benefits of improvement. Sensia Area 39354SH1, the innovative shower toilet from GROHE, was created to take full advantage of personal comfort and hygiene through delicate and smart cleansing. Rooted in and comes from Japanese cleansing rituals, the cult to use water instead of paper continues to gain worldwide popularity. GROHE Sensia Arena 39354SH1 is a prime example of how modern technology can improve our lives by combining the latest innovations, long-standing expertise and contemporary styling.

An award-winning design that guides the user

The most striking aspect of Sensia Arena 39354SH1 is the modern and elegant design created by the GROHE in-house Design Studio. The shower toilet has already garnered numerous coveted accolades, including the iF Design Award, the Interior Innovation Award, the Plus X Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Green Good Design Award. That makes Sensia Arena the most award-winning product of GROHE with a total of fourteen awards. Its streamlined shape and gentle contours blend in seamlessly with any bathroom ambiance. Well thought-out details such as the discreet night light, which guides users through a dark bathroom, and the automatic open and close feature for the lid, create a feeling of comfort and confidence.

Personalized Wellbeing

The true benefit of the shower toilet is revealed when being used. Once you have tried it, you will not want to miss it again. Fresh water for gentle skin cleansing and warm air for careful drying will leave the user feeling clean and refreshed every time. Extensive personalization options allow the user to specify the water pressure, the position of the shower arm and the preferred water temperature, as well as the spray pattern and the cleansing method. The individual options can be tweaked intuitively by using either the handy remote control or the panel mounted privately of the seat. Furthermore, an software can be downloaded to permit users to store all favorite options on the digital device.

Self-cleaning features for superior hygiene

NEW Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena shower toilet wall Hygiene plays an integral role on and throughout the toilet. Among the many great things about the Grohe Sensia Area 39354SH1 shower toilet are its self-cleaning features. Because of the rimless flushing technology there are no corners and crevices for bacteria to stay in. Moreover provides AquaCeramic glazing results within an exceedingly smooth finish off that impurities cannot adhere to. Additionally, uses the progressive HyperClean surface metallic ions to avoid 99% of bacterias progress. The state-of-the-art GROHE technology ensconces itself also behind the triple vortex flush which leverages the merged ability of three distinct water outlets to make a impressive vortex that leaves nothing at all behind and is also more calm than typical flushing systems. Toilet odors are banished from the toilet by Sensia Arena’s progressive odor absorption which works in blend with an Airshield. However, the utilization of most these features is totally optional – Sensia Area can be used as being a typical toilet which is convenient for kids or uninitiated friends.

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Discover the new clean

GROHE Sensia Arena, the ultimate in hygiene, perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Every single detail of this innovative shower toilet has been carefully thought through to offer you a special level of hygiene at all times.


The new Grohe 39354SH1 Sensia Arena shower toilet has two separate shower arms for ultimative hygiene. The lady shower, a spray arm with different spray angle and a softer and wider spray pattern for cleaning the female intimate area. The rear spray, a dedicated shower arm for precise cleaning of the rear area for a perfect powerful cleaning experience. You can be certain that both are perfectly hygienic and positioned perfectly to suit your needs.

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